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The Residential Solar Masterclass for Homeowners

Our online courses cover every step in your process to request, review and negotiate proposal for residential solar and battery storage.

Step 1: 6 Things to Do Before You Get a Solar Quote

Get our FREE checklist to see if you’re ready to get the best value out of solar for your home.

Step 2: Everything You Need to Know to Get a Solar Quote

With this course, you will be confident to determine what system size is right for you and understand everything you should consider in solar proposals.

The course is presented as a private podcast with handouts to support each lesson.

Step 3: Everything You Need to Know Before You Invest in Solar

After this course, you will confident to quantify the value of solar (and batteries) compared to your utility bill, and understand all of the considerations in making the investment.

The course is presented as a private podcast with handouts and a transparent calculator tool.

Our Client Reviews

Customer Feedback

Robin's expertise in the field of solar energy is unmatched, making this course a must for anyone seeking an independent and unbiased opinion. This course brilliantly addresses the common concern of feeling pressured by sales-oriented advice, offing clarity and objectivity instead. The calculator comparing your proposals to staying with your utility is invaluable, helping you understand whether investing in solar is a sensible choice for your situation. Thanks to the course, I now feel confident and well-informed about my decision to explore solar energy options for my home.

- Zaneta, CT

We considered solar for years, but held off because of the supplier's long payback calculation. With Robin's advice, we realized the payoff was much faster than we thought. Our solar system was installed last week, and we also now have back up power thanks to the battery!

- Ben, AZ

About Your Energy Footprint

Understand Whether or Not Environmentally Friendly Investments in Your Home are a Good Choice for You

Our mission is to make sure you understand the value of the investment before you make it.

If you decide to invest, you should do so CONFIDENTLY!